Positivity is Key


“You are what you think you are.” This concept has been going through my mind for the last little while and I believe it to be true. We never realize how powerful our brains are until we see how far we have come. Every thought you have had your entire life has brought you to where you are now. Every thought you have from this day forward will mold you into who you will be. If you want something bad enough and think about it all the time, I believe that subconsciously you become what you want. I’m not saying that if you shut your eyes and think about living on a tropical island that it will happen overnight. But slowly and surely if your thoughts are constantly about that, your whole life becomes what you think about.
Positivity is one of the most powerful tools a person can have. If you think positive thoughts, positive things happen. I would look around and wonder why certain people seem to have everything going for them. They are the ones who have a positive outlook on every situation, they are the ones that say yes when everyone else says no. I know at times it is very difficult to be positive but try and change your mind set to thinking that no matter what happens everything will be okay. Don’t let the little problems in life bring you down. Always be searching for sunshine but you must learn to be able to dance in the rain. In my own life, I know that most things that have happened to me have been from having a positive outlook. When you think about good things, good things happen. Make a goal for yourself each and every day to wake up and put a smile on. Even if things are bad, the ones who are smiling are the ones who pull through. Lastly, work hard to get control of your thoughts. Remember “you are what you think you are.”

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”―Buddha

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