Happy Reality

Happy Reality

Create a reality that you don’t want to run from. We all spend each and every day living in our own heads thinking about our “dream life.” If I could snap my fingers right now and change something, I would be somewhere hot. I would be doing something that made me smile and laugh. I would be so content at where I was that I would not have to dream up where I wanted to be. It would be nice if I could change all these things I didn’t like in my life this instant that would be great. However, that is not the case. Good things take time and hard work; you must strive each and every day for your dreams or your concept of a good reality. I then realized if you found a way to make your everyday life seem like a vacation, you would be set. We are always waiting for our next trip, waiting for our next surprise, the next holiday. How about learning to love what you’re doing right now!

You know that feeling when you wake up the day you are about to catch a plane somewhere. Whether you have been there or not, it is that exciting feeling of going on vacation and having a new experience. How about when you wake up on Christmas morning, whether you are a parent or a kid you still get that feeling of joy inside. So why not wake up tomorrow and get excited about what your day is about to bring. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut of doing the same routine every day, it’s time to change that! Do something that gives you that excited vacation feeling. Live a reality that you are not trying to escape from.

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