Music is my Religion

Music is my Religion

Happy Sunday to everyone, I hope the weather has been good and your weekend has been filled with much joy and happiness. My rant of the day is about how music is the religion in which I live by. Music has such an impact on my life that I am going to get real deep here when I say this but I feel as though I speak the same language as it. Yes that sounds crazy, but it talks to me in ways that nothing else ever could. Music has that way about it that no matter what happens everything will be okay. It brings back memories good and bad but even the bad ones seem good when music is conveying it.

There are so many different genres out there and each one has something different and special about it. Listen to how music makes you feel, be one with it, let it change you and lead you into better things. Not everyone will be able to relate to this but for all the music fanatics out there you can agree with me that there is absolutely nothing like it. Music changes my life on a daily basis and I think we are so grateful and fortunate to have it. Imagine what the world would be like without it. Sounds terrible to me! Open your heart put some tunes on and let the good vibes come in. Music is so powerful it can connect the world and change hatred into love.

Track of the day : Zodiac by Arston (EDM)

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