Live the Life YOU Want!

Live the Life YOU Want!

Okay I know you have probably heard this a thousand times but it’s time to start putting it to action. “Live the life you want.” It sounds so simple yet we all have a hard time achieving this. We listen to outside influences more than our own voice. We try and live the life we think we are supposed to live by doing what others tell us. It’s your life isn’t it? Why waste another minute trying to make others happy when you haven’t achieved happiness.

Imagine your life as a house, most people work their whole lives so that the outside of the house looks perfect. The house is painted beautifully, the yard looks like a page out of a garden magazine and everyone who sees your house thinks it’s great. However, the moment you walk inside it is messy, not kept up and you wouldn’t want anyone to see it. This is what a lot of us do with our own lives; we try and create something that looks good on the outside but are we making ourselves feel good on the inside? Quit trying to be perfect by putting on a certain image for others. Do what makes you happy and what gives you joy on the inside. By doing so, you will be a warmer and brighter person which will lead others into your life. Like they say, you must love yourself before anything else can come together.

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