Simple Sunday

Simple Sunday

Hallelujah it is Sunday. Sunday to me is the most relaxing day of the week. This is probably because I get to do nothing all day long which for me is perfect. We all have such busy lives and schedules it’s nice to have one day a week where you can relax and do absolutely nothing. I truly believe it is very important for everyone to learn to slow down and unwind. Even if it is just one day a week make sure you find time to relax and have “me time” as they call it. Now what are some things you can do with your relaxing Sunday?

1) Sleep – This one seems so simple but I think it is the most important. Why not take a day to sleep and relax. Whether you are up partying on your Friday and Saturday’s or taking it easy your body will probably thank you for letting it rest and rejuvenate.

2) Read – Grab your favorite book or magazine and lie in bed and read for a couple hours. If you are like me and love being on the computer, there are tons of online blogs and reading that you can do as well. Reading helps you disconnect and live in the present moment.

3) Listen to Music – I usually get all caught up on new music on Sunday so that I have good driving to work music for the rest of the week. Take an hour out of your day to put new music onto your IPod.

4) Go for a Walk – Yes that is correct I didn’t say run or go to the gym. Working out is awesome and a huge stress reliever but sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to look good and get in that daily workout that I think Sundays are perfect for going on a long walk to clear your mind. Walking is good exercise and helps you think clearly and figure out what you have to get done for the week.

5) Get a Coffee – This might be one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday. Grab a coffee in a cute little coffee shop and catch up with a friend. It is so relaxing and you get to express how you are feeling and what is going on in your life. Thank god for coffee and friends.

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