Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Good morning to everyone, hope the day has started great and you are ready to take on a new and exciting week! Today I am going to be talking about how to find joy in the ordinary. To me this means finding happiness from the simplest things and not needing something big to fulfill you. The ordinary is all around us we just need to learn how to appreciate it better. If you look for the best in everyday and are happy with what you have already, you will not feel the need for more. Be happy about your morning coffee, get excited about your daily run after work, all these things play an important role and are pieces towards the bigger picture. Remember happiness grows on the inside first, in order to conquer anything in this life, you must be happy with yourself before other things can fall into place. By finding joy in the ordinary will make you appreciate the moment and quit hoping for bigger and unrealistic things.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Love this! Very encouraging. A long time ago, I started telling myself that Mondays are like a new beginning. A new chance to have an awesome week. That bit of positive thinking attached to an “ordinary” day makes me love Mondays. Thanks for posting this. Love the image as well. Cheers!

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