You are Your Own Best Friend

You are Your Own Bestfriend

In life, it is very easy to become reliant on other people. When you value others opinions over your own and constantly need to ask what the right decision should be, that is when you know you are doing something wrong. I found that most of my life I was always searching for others approval and could never make my own decisions. Nobody in this life is going to get you to where you want to be, you must take yourself there. The more you try to look for the “right” answers the more you realize you are not finding any answers. Don’t rely on others so much, try and stand on your own two feet and learn that at the end of the day everyone is looking out for their own life and won’t make yours a top priority. You can try your very best to put all your effort into other people but in the end you are your own best friend. Take ownership over your own life and start making decisions that you feel will benefit you the most. Be the kind of person you want to be and remember you have only one person to answer to and that is yourself.

Photo taken from Flickr

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