Live an Extraordinary Life

Live an Extraordinary Life

Why settle for anything less than you deserve? Is there any reason that you do not deserve the best life ever? Most people become so comfortable in a content setting that they never fully reach their true potential. It is very possible with hard work and keeping your eyes on the prize that you will accomplish that dream. Never back down from achieving your goals, they are in your head constantly for a reason. Dive into the deep end in life, no need to tip toe in the shallow end because life is too short for that. If you want big things go out and get them, mediocrity is what most people fall into because they convince themselves that their dreams are unattainable. Here are my tips on reaching those goals!

1) If it makes you happy, DO IT! – Most people are chasing after something because it makes them happy. So why not quit the things that no longer bring you joy and focus all your energy around the things that do. The more positive you bring into your life the better chance you will have.

2) If you fall off, get right back on – Never give up! Life is never going to go exactly the way you want it to and there are going to be times in your life where you fail or fall off course. I used to beat myself up about not doing something or things not going exactly the way I wanted them to but then I told myself, “if you fall off your bike, don’t pout, get back on and keep riding.” Nobody’s perfect, you cannot be a super hero everyday so making mistakes on the way to your goal is necessary and all right.

3) Consistency is Key – Like anything in life, the more you do it the better you get and the higher your chances. Being consistent at something is a long hard battle but if you find ways to set time aside each day, you will reap the benefits.

4) Eyes on the Prize – This one is the most important for me, never take your eyes off the result. The journey and steps to get there are important but without an end in sight, you will run in circles. If you want to travel the world, focus on that and you will naturally work your way into saving and making it happen. If you want that dream job, keep your eyes on it and the universe will conspire to help you make it happen. Work hard, and do not look away from the prize.

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