Are You Spiritual?

Are You Spiritual?

Now when some people here the word “spirituality,” it makes them want to find the nearest garbage can and throw up in it. “I’m not spiritual, I don’t believe in religion.” These are often quotes you will hear from people that do not believe in a higher power, or those who just simply like to believe in nothing. I have never been a big believer in higher powers, and I was never really a spiritual person, but that all changed the moment I started doing yoga. It teaches you about life and how to become a more peaceful person, then once you start believing in yourself and the possibilities you have, you realize this force, this unforeseen power within you. That is what I like to call “spirituality.” You realize that your thoughts control your destiny and that when you are at peace with yourself the world works with you. There is this really great quote from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and it goes … “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I truly believe that all people in some shape or form should listen to themselves, and get connected with their soul. Follow what you believe is right and listen to the spirit inside you that holds your destiny. Whether you practice yoga regularly or attend church every Sunday, find what speaks to you and listen. Namaste – Carly Jensen

Peace, Love and Kindness

Peace, Love and Kindness

Peace, love and kindness, three simple words that mean so much. These words are the basis in which I live my life by. I recently made a commitment to myself that no matter what I do, I will abide by these three words. Life is too short not to treat people with peace, love and kindness. Everyone you meet has a story and is fighting a tough battle so the very least you can do is show some kindness. There is no need to hold anger in your heart; if you devote your life to being a kind person you will reap the benefits. Even during difficult times be light, be soft, and show love. The people around you will learn and grow from your peaceful nature and it will bring joy into their lives. I hope everyone can work on displaying peace, love and kindness to each person they meet. Namaste – Carly Jensen

Warning : This may change your life

Warning : This may change your life…

Kundalini Yoga

Uplifting, exhilarating and empowering, Kundalini Yoga is the ultimate treat for your mind, body and soul. When I started yoga my goal was to become a stress free and relaxed person. With all the stress we have in our day to day lives I thought yoga would be the perfect fix. My yoga journey started at Semperviva Yoga in Kitsilano taking Hatha classes and trying to become more flexible. After numerous Hatha classes I declared to my friends and family that I was officially a “Yogi.” Then on one evening my yoga dreams would forever change. My friend and I decided to try a Kundalini class and from that day on I would never choose another. Kundalini was like nothing I had ever done before. Singing, dancing, cheering, screaming, anything goes. It was a way of letting out everything, the good and the bad.

Kundalini Yoga awakens the spirit and gives you a chance to free yourself from fear, anxiety, and tension; anything that is holding you back in life. It teaches you that you are powerful beyond belief and makes you appreciate everything life has to offer. Through certain chants, yoga postures and techniques you will release all that you hold inside cleansing your soul and giving you hope moving forward. Dancing is a key element and it is so much fun to get moving and feel free to be who you are with a community of people that are very accepting. Voice is another key element in Kundalini yoga making us remember that we always have a voice and we must use it. Never be afraid to speak and express yourself. Be silly, have some fun and go to Kundalini Yoga.