Warning : This may change your life

Warning : This may change your life…

Kundalini Yoga

Uplifting, exhilarating and empowering, Kundalini Yoga is the ultimate treat for your mind, body and soul. When I started yoga my goal was to become a stress free and relaxed person. With all the stress we have in our day to day lives I thought yoga would be the perfect fix. My yoga journey started at Semperviva Yoga in Kitsilano taking Hatha classes and trying to become more flexible. After numerous Hatha classes I declared to my friends and family that I was officially a β€œYogi.” Then on one evening my yoga dreams would forever change. My friend and I decided to try a Kundalini class and from that day on I would never choose another. Kundalini was like nothing I had ever done before. Singing, dancing, cheering, screaming, anything goes. It was a way of letting out everything, the good and the bad.

Kundalini Yoga awakens the spirit and gives you a chance to free yourself from fear, anxiety, and tension; anything that is holding you back in life. It teaches you that you are powerful beyond belief and makes you appreciate everything life has to offer. Through certain chants, yoga postures and techniques you will release all that you hold inside cleansing your soul and giving you hope moving forward. Dancing is a key element and it is so much fun to get moving and feel free to be who you are with a community of people that are very accepting. Voice is another key element in Kundalini yoga making us remember that we always have a voice and we must use it. Never be afraid to speak and express yourself. Be silly, have some fun and go to Kundalini Yoga.

8 thoughts on “Warning : This may change your life

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      • have you ever gone to yogawest (in van)? they also have good workshops etc. i did a weekend workshop with gurmukh at semperviva a few months ago and it was INTENSE!! in a good way of course. πŸ™‚

      • yes πŸ™‚ i’ve heard semperviva’s KY classes are great – especialy friday with gloria (i think)? – so definitely going to check that one out soon. my friend just did the KY training in greece in august.

      • Gloria is an amazing teacher! She is the best I have seen yet. So much energy, tons of dancing and singing. Good for you! Now you can teach it? I am planning on doing the teacher training myself. Would love to teach a class a couple times a week.

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