Peace, Love and Kindness

Peace, Love and Kindness

Peace, love and kindness, three simple words that mean so much. These words are the basis in which I live my life by. I recently made a commitment to myself that no matter what I do, I will abide by these three words. Life is too short not to treat people with peace, love and kindness. Everyone you meet has a story and is fighting a tough battle so the very least you can do is show some kindness. There is no need to hold anger in your heart; if you devote your life to being a kind person you will reap the benefits. Even during difficult times be light, be soft, and show love. The people around you will learn and grow from your peaceful nature and it will bring joy into their lives. I hope everyone can work on displaying peace, love and kindness to each person they meet. Namaste – Carly Jensen

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