Carly’s Choice – Weekly Top 5 in Music


This is a new part of my blog I will be introducing that will have 5 tracks that I am listening to for the week. This can range from old music to new music and every genre in between. I have a huge love for dance music so you can guarantee there will be a lot of dancing tracks to get you moving every day. Indie Rock is another favorite so you can rest assured you will get your fix on bands you probably haven’t heard before. Music to me is so timeless and it can bring back memories and put you in different places in your life. This weekly post will be good for those who need a pick me up, need new music and want to be taken back to some of their happiest days. Hope you enjoy! 

1) Alesso & Calvin Harris Feat. Hurts – Under Control
Alesso teams up with Calvin Harris and Hurts to create a dance music masterpiece. Synths that will make you feel again, this track will have you dancing and feeling good!

2) Muse – Starlight

This English rock band stops at nothing when creating memorable tracks. Starlight is the perfect combination of piano chords and vocals that will take you away into a singing frenzy.

3) Elton John – Rocket Man
Legendary Elton John makes my list of top songs this week as a throwback favorite. This song is the true definition of timeless music. Every time you hear it you start blaring out the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Tricky part of the song … “Burning out his fuse, up here alone.”

4) Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night
Zedd and Hayley Williams from Paramore teamed up to create this pop edm tune that will please Top 40 lovers to the clubbing dancers. With her gorgeous voice and Zedd’s signature sound, Stay the Night is a true favorite.

5) Atlas Genius – Trojans
Imagine yourself walking along a California beach in your Converse shoes during a summer sunset. This song puts you right in that moment and leaves you with a happy go lucky indie beat.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

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