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For those looking for a great read look no further than this book! Whether you have problems with staying present in your life and enjoying the moment, The Power of Now has many techniques and lessons that will help you stay in the present. Most people live their lives overthinking the past and thinking too much about the future. The only way to true happiness is to live in the now and focus on what you have to do today, not tomorrow and certainly not yesterday. Your only concern is how you are going to survive until your head hits the pillow at night. The Power of Now will relax you and bring you into the present. Hope you enjoy.

Carly Jensen xo

Queen Victoria Market


Melbourne has many fun sites and attractions but one of my favourite would have to be the Queen Victoria Market. If you think you have been to a big market before then you clearly haven’t been to this one. With clothes, funky things for your house and pretty much everything you can imagine, the Vic Market is the perfect place to spend your Saturday or Sunday. Now if you are a huge foodie like myself, you will fall in love with what the market has to offer. You can grocery shop for fresh fruits & vegetables as well as buy your meat for the week. For the wine & cheese lovers there is something for you as well, as there is a wide range of fresh cheeses and horderves. Finally, the best part of my day was eating a juicy and very spicy bratwurst smothered in fried onions. On top of that you must try the Spanish Churro’s, slushy organic lemonade and the candy coated nuts. The food list goes on but as long as you get those main staples you will be quite satisfied.


Carly Jensen xo

Where to buy a great Caesar in Melbourne


Hidden away on Little Collins Street is a cute bar that is outdoors called Chuckle Park. Tucked into a little laneway, Chuckle Park is the perfect place to grab a drink and bite to eat after work. Strung with mini mason jars as lights as well as the bar being an old hippie caravan you are welcome to order as many interesting cocktails as your heart desires. My top secret from this place is that they serve a real “Canadian” Caesar with clamato juice. For those who don’t know what a Caesar is, it is a Canadian Classic that includes Clamato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Vodka, topped off with a celery salt rim and veggies. Australia is a rare place to find a Caesar but for those who know what they are or for people who want to try something new, make sure to make your way down to Chuckle Park and drink as many Caesars as possible!


Carly Jensen xo

Honey South Melbourne – Restaurant Review

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Walking up to Honey I noticed a bouncer standing outside, and to my surprise Honey was more than just one of South Melbourne’s most popular restaurants. It was a bar with killer music, crazy decor and an incredibly lively atmosphere. With young people drinking and mingling it made it the perfect place to people watch and enjoy a cold beer. We first started with their lemon, salt n pepper calamari which was so tasty due to the aioli drizzled along the plate. We then devoured a classic Aussie Chicken Parmigiana that left our bellies too full to even walk out comfortably. I snuck up to the bathroom to check it out and noticed that they had a private room for functions which also looked great. With the AFL playing, the music just right and the beers and food tasting fabulous, Honey in South Melbourne exceeded my expectations.


Carly Jensen xo

Simple & Delicious


This meal is quick, easy and quite healthy as well. Pork, yam mash and veggies are a good way to hit all the food groups and not feel guilty about how good it tastes. What more could you ask for?


1) Pork
2) 1 large potato
3) 1 sweet potato
4) 1 onion
5) A handful of green beans
6) 1 head of broccoli
7) Butter
8) Milk
9) Salt n Pepper

First step in creating this dish is to peel the potato and sweet potato and cut them into smaller pieces. Once cut, add them to a pot of boiling water where they will take 20 minutes to cook. Season your pork up with salt and pepper on both sides then add to frying pan on medium heat (7-8 minutes per side). Add cut up onions to the frying pan and cook them for a total of 10 minutes. At this time you may also add your cut up broccoli and green beans into the pot of boiling water, which will take 10 minutes as well. Once vegetables are cooked plate them along with the pork and onions. Finally take a tablespoon of butter along with 1-2 tablespoons of milk and add it to your potato and sweet potato. Mash all of it together, adding salt and pepper to taste. The good news with this dish is that at least sweet potato mash is better for you than regular mash! You are now ready to dig in.

Enjoy your meal 🙂

Carly Jensen xo

Food Credit – Nick Thompson