Finding Your Authentic Self


Everyone spends a lot of time copying the people around them instead of finding their own authentic voice. It doesn’t matter what you hope to do in life just as long as you are being you. This topic jumps around in my head a lot because in the blogging world everyone is trying to be like everyone else. I can admit I see the other bloggers posting photos of fancy smoothies then I think “oh I must post trendy smoothie pictures” Then after reading numerous articles on authenticty and finding your own voice I realised that just because one blogger is famous for their health smoothies and fitness doesn’t mean you have to do everything like them. Ask yourself what makes you happy? Are you a clean freak who obsesses over baking? Are you a sales maniac Type A personality? Whatever you are be that. Eat, sleep and breathe it because that is the only way you will get noticed.

You cannot sell yourself in a way you are not because people won’t buy it. My perfect example would be if I decided to blog about extremely healthy food. Every fitness blogger out there has already got that covered, I am here to tell you about the decadent things in life. For me to go on about kale smoothies would be a joke because you would know it wasn’t me. I could however talk you through a red velvet cupcake like no tomorrow. Β The meaning of this post is to let everyone know to be themselves and be honest. People will enjoy your truthfulness more than they will want to see another kale smoothie. But if kale smoothies are your thing, then embrace that fully.

Happy Blogging – Be Yourself

Carly Jensen xo


15 thoughts on “Finding Your Authentic Self

  1. This is excellent, yet hard, advice to follow. We’re so enamored with the rest of the world around us that we often forget to look inwards from time to time. Excellent post.

  2. I love this, I recently had to have a talk with myself about remaining true to myself while I’m blogging. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of trying to be like someone else because they’re famous!

  3. The problem arises when you’ve spent so long doing what’s expected or required of you, denying whatever it may have been that you wanted at the time, that there doesn’t even seem to be a “you,” anymore; eventually there’s the reflection of other people’s wants, desires and expectations, and seemingly no way to find or rebuild yourself. For sanity’s sake… Don’t let it go that far.

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