Carly’s Choice – Weekly Top 5 in Music

1) C2C – Down The Road
This funky old school beat will have you moving instantly with its memorable electronic vibe mixed with country flare.

2) Eminem Feat. Rihanna – The Monster
Eminem is back and better than ever. His duo with Rihanna gives us a fantastic chorus and leaves us with a catchy tune.

3) Sub Focus Feat. Alpines – Tidal Wave
Dubstep undertones meets incredible vocals. This track evokes a plethora of emotions.

4) Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone
One of Calvin Harris’ earlier pieces. Sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it.

5) Tritonal Feat. Cristina Soto – Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix)
Slow and sensual, Seven Lions takes this track to another level slowing it down and leaving you dancing in a dubstep dream.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

Music Monday

Music Monday

Chill, relaxing and a refreshing change from my usual hyper love for main stage anthems, Amtrac aces this remix of Two Door Cinema Club’s Handshake. Indie dance continues to weave in and out of the EDM world and I can only see it continuing to grow. Indie rock is the perfect music for anytime a year, any occasion and now with DJ’s incorporating dance music into it, the music is only going to get better. The Irish band Two Door Cinema club does an amazing job of writing lyrics that work well with their choice of background sound, leaving it very easy for any DJ to come in and add some extra productions to the track. They slow down the track leaving you dancing in a dream, a calming summer dream. If you haven’t listened to this remix by Amtrac you must not wait any longer!

Friday Faves – Music Festivals

Friday Faves - Music Festivals

I think anybody can relate to this post considering at some point in your life you would have attended such an event. Today for Friday Faves I am talking about why music festivals are the absolute best. It doesn’t matter what type of genre they are I think the love for music is truly universal and going to a festival brings people together. You can dance, drink, eat, sit and relax, whatever your heart desires! Every time I go to one, I feel like I can be myself and let go of all problems. The moment you step into a festival you are transported to a world of your own and you can most definitely leave any stress you have at the gates. What are some festivals you must attend in your lifetime?

1) Coachella – California’s laid back music n arts festival in Indio California.

2) Electric Daisy Carnival – Started by the event company Insomniac, EDC is all over the place now, this all night party should be high up on the bucket list.

3) Lollapalooza – All types of music at this Chicago festival right along the water.

4) Ultra Music Festival – Where it all started in North America, one of the most prestigious Electronic Music Festivals out there in no other than beautiful Miami.

5) Sasquatch – Chill atmosphere and a beautiful night sky at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington. What more could you ask for?

6) Tomorrowland – This one is massive and it is all the way in Belgium! Add this festival to your Europe trip next year.

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up

Avicii is absolute brilliance. Stepping outside the box and regular realm of EDM Avicii brings to us the next phase in the ever changing genre. Dance music blew up so fast that most people believe it is at a standstill. Only the smart artists out there are realizing in order to shake things up and surprise people, one must be different. Just like how Daft Punk’s newest album Random Access Memories took everyone by surprise. The tracks were mellow and unique and now Avicii changes it up and brings EDM to Nashville. For a music lover like myself this couldn’t get any better since this means that genres will continue to collide and work side by side . Music will continue to grow and EDM will live on for a long time since it can mix with any genre. Listen to Avicii`s new track Wake Me Up and tell me what you think.

Friday Faves

Friday Faves

It is time once again for our Friday Faves! Today I am feeling quite excited for the weekend and am ready to get my groove on so I thought it would be exciting to talk about how much I love to dance. Now to some people, when they hear the word dance it makes them want to run the opposite direction. I can see how dancing can be a bit of a scare for some people but it really shouldn’t be. Dancing in my mind is a way of letting go. It’s so important to let loose and do what you feel. You don’t have to be a good dancer to dance. All you have to do is move to the music and have a good time. Head to your local bar or night club and get your boogie on!

Here are some of my top music choices for dancing…

1) Don’t Stop The Party- Pitbull
2) Bambooyah- White Panda
3) Midnight City- M83
4) Scream & Shout- Britney Spears and
5) Electric Feel- MGMT
6) Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris
7) Million Voices- Otto Knows
8) Calling- Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso
9) Greyhound- Swedish House Mafia
10) No Beef- Steve Aoki & Afrojack feat Miss Palmer

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

All photos are taken from Google unless noted otherwise.