Truthful Blogging


I have been on a blogging hiatus due to major writers block and not really wanting to write. I made it to a point though where I am okay with that. I used to beat myself up if I didn’t have anything to write or if I didn’t post something at least once a week.

I realised blogging should never be a chore. I started blogging for my love of writing and sharing my thoughts with others and that is why I will continue to blog. I realised there is no “right” way to do something. If I want to post a piece once a month that is fine. Blogging should be about you and your readers and that is it. It shouldn’t be restricted to timelines and certain days you need to post. Blogging should be enjoyable and each post should mean something. There isn’t a need to post something just to get a post up. I found myself writing things just to make sure I got something up and that wasn’t me. The writing wouldn’t be honest and truthful which is the opposite of what I want.

When it comes to blogging there is no right way to do it. As long as you are writing what you want and it comes from the heart that is all that matters.

Carly Jensen xo

Sleep Your Way to Success?

Sleep Photo


Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day? I struggled with this for a long time until I realised that in order to get everything you want done, sometimes you have to stick it out and stay up late. You may have heard the saying “successful people don’t sleep,” well they definitely do but probably not as much as you and I. Did you know that the average person can live a healthy life off just 6-7 hours of sleep a night! Successful individuals understand the meaning of hard work and understand that if you work a full time job and have a lot of other objectives you want to achieve, then waking up at 5 am is a must. I am writing this a 12am and that is late for me.  And while I find it hard to stay up late sometimes, especially when the easy way out is to jump in my cozy bed and get some rest, I know it’s what i have to do to achieve my goals.

I believe it is important if you are working towards other goals in life to make sure you hustle your ass off either late at night or early in the morning. Believe me I know how important sleep is but I also know how important fulfilling your dreams are. Blogging for instance is something I can only get done at night because I have my full time life going on around that. I have two choices, either stay up late and focus on my two blogs I’m currently running or go to bed and get nothing done.

I am encouraging you in this post to find what works for you, be it either late at nights or early mornings to work on your passions. I know sleep is nice, but imagine how empowering it will feel after you reach your goal. On the other hand, reflect on what it feels like waking up and knowing that you haven’t achieved everything you could. Hustle, hustle, hustle so that one day you can sleep easily.

Carly Jensen xo






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Learn To Dance In The Rain

Learn To Dance In The Rain

Life is about the imperfections, it’s about the messy days and dealing with tough situations. It’s not always about being happy, it’s about overcoming obstacles. Some of the most beautiful people are the ones who have seen disappointment and faced struggle and never gave up. Our whole lives we are constantly dancing between the lines of positive and negative situations. It is inevitable that we will come across both. It isn’t hard to deal with happiness and good things; it’s how you bounce back once you have been knocked down. One of my favorite quotes is by Mike Tyson and it goes “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” That quote could not be truer. Be ready for anything and make sure to always deal with things as they come. The people with the most success in life weren’t always dealt the best cards; they just knew how to play the game.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

Can You Ever Get Enough Validation?


Validation, approval, and acceptance, three words that every human hopes to receive. Our whole lives we want to be validated for everything we do. We want others to let us know that what we are doing is the right thing. We hope for the day everyone claps with approval for our actions. Is this realistic? Is validation even worth it? I took a lot of thought to this topic when I realized how much of my life was about seeking validation. In absolutely everything I did, I was looking for that golden star to be handed to me.

I heard a story about Judd Apatow the producer and director of many of the best comedy films out there today. Working with some of the greatest in the world like Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow was at the top of his game. After years of struggle, rejection and heartbreak Apatow established himself as one of the best producers in this day and age. One day Apatow received a letter in the mail. This was a letter he had never received before. It was a letter from Steven Spielberg. For a producer, it was the ultimate dream letter. Can you think of anything better in your life than receiving a letter from Steven Spielberg telling you that he thought your work was fantastic? Judd Apatow sat there reading this letter of praise and approval from the greatest producer in the world and thought “Wow, I have officially made it. All my hard work has paid off.” After reading the letter he felt great, for a whole 5 minutes. Then he once again had to go back to work, back to his day to day and the letter would be put behind him.

Judd Apatow received the most validation you can receive for someone in his line of work. Was that enough? Does he feel full and satisfied about everything in his life? This story is what made me believe that there is no such thing as “enough validation.” Validation must come from inside, if you are happy with yourself and what you are doing then nothing else matters. You cannot look to external sources for your validation because there will never ever be enough of it. At the end of the day, the only person you need to answer to is yourself. Stop searching for more; everything you want is already there. Look inward and listen to yourself for that validation. I hope this story helps you the way it did for me. Namaste – Carly Jensen

Be The Good

Be The Good

Be kind no matter what. Let go of all darkness you hold inside you and free your mind of negativity. The world will continuously test your strength and every test you receive is a test of your character. Will you choose to be a loving person, or will you hold in anger and let it seep out for the world to see? If something is bothering you, fix it. If you do not like the situation you are in, change it. Don’t hold yourself in a place that does not bring you joy. Everyone can shine, everyone was born to do something great but it all starts with kindness and love. Positive people go a lot further then people who think negatively so if you are reading this today and do not feel good about yourself, it is time to change. Be good, do good, and good things will happen in your favor. Luck comes into play for people that are kind to themselves and other people. Free your mind and free your soul of all toxins and find inner peace.

The Most Beautiful People

The Most Beautiful People

The most beautiful people are kind no matter what.
The most beautiful people laugh until they can’t breathe.
The most beautiful people make mistakes time and time again.
The most beautiful people are real.
The most beautiful people are broken but continue to fight.
The most beautiful people help others.
The most beautiful people get angry and jealous.
The most beautiful people love deeper.
The most beautiful people don’t give up.
The most beautiful people trust.
The most beautiful people do good no matter what.
The most beautiful people see the light in dark situations.
The most beautiful people are there until the end.
The most beautiful people are crazy for life.
The most beautiful people strive for more.
The most beautiful people are wrong at times.
The most beautiful people smile.
The most beautiful people are themselves.

Live an Extraordinary Life

Live an Extraordinary Life

Why settle for anything less than you deserve? Is there any reason that you do not deserve the best life ever? Most people become so comfortable in a content setting that they never fully reach their true potential. It is very possible with hard work and keeping your eyes on the prize that you will accomplish that dream. Never back down from achieving your goals, they are in your head constantly for a reason. Dive into the deep end in life, no need to tip toe in the shallow end because life is too short for that. If you want big things go out and get them, mediocrity is what most people fall into because they convince themselves that their dreams are unattainable. Here are my tips on reaching those goals!

1) If it makes you happy, DO IT! – Most people are chasing after something because it makes them happy. So why not quit the things that no longer bring you joy and focus all your energy around the things that do. The more positive you bring into your life the better chance you will have.

2) If you fall off, get right back on – Never give up! Life is never going to go exactly the way you want it to and there are going to be times in your life where you fail or fall off course. I used to beat myself up about not doing something or things not going exactly the way I wanted them to but then I told myself, “if you fall off your bike, don’t pout, get back on and keep riding.” Nobody’s perfect, you cannot be a super hero everyday so making mistakes on the way to your goal is necessary and all right.

3) Consistency is Key – Like anything in life, the more you do it the better you get and the higher your chances. Being consistent at something is a long hard battle but if you find ways to set time aside each day, you will reap the benefits.

4) Eyes on the Prize – This one is the most important for me, never take your eyes off the result. The journey and steps to get there are important but without an end in sight, you will run in circles. If you want to travel the world, focus on that and you will naturally work your way into saving and making it happen. If you want that dream job, keep your eyes on it and the universe will conspire to help you make it happen. Work hard, and do not look away from the prize.