Be a Visionary in 2014

Be a Visionary in 2014

Do you ever wonder why you cannot stick to your New Year’s Resolutions? They tell us our whole lives that we must “make goals” for ourselves and see these goals through. Realistically, any human would find it hard to accomplish a list of 20 things that are different than what we have been doing an entire year before. In order to create change and see it through, we must envision ourselves in these new situations. What does your dream life taste like? What does your dream life smell like? What do you look like? How are the people around you affected? These are all things that are so important because you have to have a strong vision in order for yourself to ever become that “new person.” I am declaring that 2014 we all become “visionaries.” We are not going to set goals and not achieve them. We are taking it a step further by actually becoming that person. We will envision ourselves living to the highest of our potential. I wish you all luck, health and happiness in 2014 and that you have a strong vivid vision for the future.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

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Live an Extraordinary Life

Live an Extraordinary Life

Why settle for anything less than you deserve? Is there any reason that you do not deserve the best life ever? Most people become so comfortable in a content setting that they never fully reach their true potential. It is very possible with hard work and keeping your eyes on the prize that you will accomplish that dream. Never back down from achieving your goals, they are in your head constantly for a reason. Dive into the deep end in life, no need to tip toe in the shallow end because life is too short for that. If you want big things go out and get them, mediocrity is what most people fall into because they convince themselves that their dreams are unattainable. Here are my tips on reaching those goals!

1) If it makes you happy, DO IT! – Most people are chasing after something because it makes them happy. So why not quit the things that no longer bring you joy and focus all your energy around the things that do. The more positive you bring into your life the better chance you will have.

2) If you fall off, get right back on – Never give up! Life is never going to go exactly the way you want it to and there are going to be times in your life where you fail or fall off course. I used to beat myself up about not doing something or things not going exactly the way I wanted them to but then I told myself, “if you fall off your bike, don’t pout, get back on and keep riding.” Nobody’s perfect, you cannot be a super hero everyday so making mistakes on the way to your goal is necessary and all right.

3) Consistency is Key – Like anything in life, the more you do it the better you get and the higher your chances. Being consistent at something is a long hard battle but if you find ways to set time aside each day, you will reap the benefits.

4) Eyes on the Prize – This one is the most important for me, never take your eyes off the result. The journey and steps to get there are important but without an end in sight, you will run in circles. If you want to travel the world, focus on that and you will naturally work your way into saving and making it happen. If you want that dream job, keep your eyes on it and the universe will conspire to help you make it happen. Work hard, and do not look away from the prize.

Friday Faves – Beautiful BC

Hello to all! My apologies for going on a blogging hiatus, life happened and I started slacking but I am back and excited to write and share my thoughts once again. I am taking a creative writing course at the moment so hopefully I will get better each and every day. Now since it is Friday I thought it was only suitable to do a “Friday Faves” post.

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I am the queen of complaining about the weather in Vancouver. I might be the queen of complaining in general but today I will express to you about how in love I am with hiking in BC. Say what you want about Vancouver whether it be too much rain or a weak night life but one thing is for sure and that is that when it’s sunny there is nothing better than going for a hike.

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Some of my favorite hikes are Quarry Rock in Deep Cove North Vancouver, The Chief in Squamish and of course the infamous Grouse Grind. Hiking incorporates so many different aspects leaving you fulfilled mentally and physically. It can be a mental battle at times, you are dealing with your mind telling you it’s time to quit and turn back. As well as the physical battle of your body telling you that you are tired. Then at times you feel complete serenity with your surroundings. I love nothing more than being out in nature looking around at the trees and realizing how beautiful our earth truly is. You are probably thinking I am some sort of a hippie but the answer is no, I just enjoy being outdoors.

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Then the best feeling of all happens when you reach the top of the mountain, you have achieved your goal of the day, which most likely was finishing the hike. Hopefully along the way you learned how to get through mental battles with yourself and learn that if you just keep going you will reach the top. So what are you waiting for, get outside and go for a hike!