Give More, Expect Less

Give More, Expect Less

I think since Christmas is right around the corner it is appropriate to talk about why giving more and expecting less is important. For starters, we all know that being materialistic and greedy only leads to unhappiness and the feeling of never having enough. If you try and collect items to make you happy you will never be completely satisfied. I have seen many people turn to money and it has led them down a path of sadness and unfulfillment. Once you start giving to others, you begin to feel more meaning in your life and it actually brings you more happiness inside then materialistic items would. Helping others is a great way to help yourself. You really don’t need a ton of things to be a happy person. Donate to charities, help the less fortunate and good karma will come your way. Here are some ways you can help this holiday season!

1) Donate to a charity of your choice. – The Canadian Cancer Society is one of my favorites.
2) Make care packages for the homeless. – They always need the necessities and it doesn’t cost very much.
3) Collect food and clothes for the food bank and various organizations. – Whether you are helping at a soup kitchen or at least donating a couple cans, you are helping those in need.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

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