Be a Visionary in 2014

Be a Visionary in 2014

Do you ever wonder why you cannot stick to your New Year’s Resolutions? They tell us our whole lives that we must “make goals” for ourselves and see these goals through. Realistically, any human would find it hard to accomplish a list of 20 things that are different than what we have been doing an entire year before. In order to create change and see it through, we must envision ourselves in these new situations. What does your dream life taste like? What does your dream life smell like? What do you look like? How are the people around you affected? These are all things that are so important because you have to have a strong vision in order for yourself to ever become that “new person.” I am declaring that 2014 we all become “visionaries.” We are not going to set goals and not achieve them. We are taking it a step further by actually becoming that person. We will envision ourselves living to the highest of our potential. I wish you all luck, health and happiness in 2014 and that you have a strong vivid vision for the future.

Namaste – Carly Jensen

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Start of a New Day

Start of a New Day

Why Mornings Are a Second Chance.

Mornings to me are like a renewal process. You get a second chance to do good. Whether your day before was successful or not, you get to wake up with a clear mind and begin again. There is a certain feeling you get when you wake up, get ready and take your first step outside. The feeling for me is exhilarating and it gives me that clean slate, ready to begin again feeling. Just like if you were about to start writing a new book, the first page is completely blank and your day is ready to start. Mornings can determine your destiny if you choose to take full advantage of them. Forget about yesterday, you have a new day to make it better than you ever have. Since life is so short, treat your mornings like the beginning of a new chapter and always strive to do better. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to start off your day:

1) Go for a run
2) Eat breakfast
3) Plan out your day
4) Get one minor task or errand done
5) Make a list of things you are grateful for

Namaste – Carly Jensen

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