DJ Disaster of The Week

DJ Disaster of The Week

DJ Disaster of the week should be more like “Typical Thursday” of the week. Okay now I absolutely love dance music but some DJ’s need to give their head a shake when it comes to producing tracks. Why produce something unless it is quality work? Too many DJ’s these days are falling to mediocrity just to get a track out fast. It is true when they say many songs are sounding the same these days because they are and DJ’s are not taking the time to produce something that stands out. Take Daft Punk for example, they spent a long time in the studio, out of the spotlight and created Random Access Memories, which is a masterpiece. The culprit of my typical progressive house rant today is Dannic with his new track Ignite. This is sorry to say, completely boring! I think 10 DJ’s before you have already laid down this chord progression. Not only is it a repeat of most progressive house tracks it is also similar to his last track Clobber which unfortunately puts Dannic on the DJ Disaster of the week list. I don’t care if you are Hardwell’s buddy, until you treat us to something bigger I rest my case.