Reality or Las Vegas?

Reality or Las Vegas?

I think everyone can agree with me on this one, there is nothing like Las Vegas. The lights, the glitter, the excitement boil through your body leaving you wanting more and more. By the time, you leave sin city you realize that it is probably a good thing you do not live there but then usually about once or twice a year the itch comes back and you go to the desert for a trip of a lifetime. Las Vegas has that thrill about it that not a lot of places have. It is a perfect place for anyone who enjoys indulging himself or herself for a weekend or so. Letting yourself be completely open to all the temptations and not feeling guilty one bit. I give everyone full permission to shop as much as you want, gamble, eat and party till the cows come home. I think it’s time to book a trip to Las Vegas!

Favorite Things to Do in Vegas:

1) Pool Parties – Doesn’t matter which one you go to, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Some of the top ones out there are Wet Republic at the MGM, Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel and Encore Beach Club at the Wynn.

2) Eat – Restaurants upon restaurants, buffets, everything you could ever imagine food wise is in Las Vegas. Make sure you work out a lot before going since you will probably eat enough to last you a year.

3) Shop – This one goes without saying. If you are a fashionista, Vegas has enough cute stuff to keep you happy!

4) Gamble – This one is a double sided sword, you can either win or lose but no matter what you will have a bit of fun. Everything is okay in moderation right.

5) Club – Party, party, party, in Las Vegas since most of the biggest and best DJ’s have residencies at the major clubs you are sure to have your nights filled with alcoholic beverages, good looking people and a crazy dance floor.

6) EDC – Every year in June Insomniac Events puts on a larger than life festival that will take you as far away from reality as you can go. Let loose, by some bright colored items and have the time of your life all night long. Best part about the festival is that you get to watch the sun come up.

Love Life In Ibiza

Love Life In Ibiza

I haven’t done too much traveling but I have decided it is in my best interest to become a world traveler. My goal is to make it to all my dream places before I am 30. Among my very long list of travel hot spots, Ibiza lays at number one. Now to some of you this may seem typical of a young girl who loves music and beaches but for me it is more than that. Growing up in Vancouver I was accustomed to a typical straightforward lifestyle. By the time I could walk I knew I was destined for something greater, which in my head meant “get the hell out of Vancouver.”

Why Ibiza? Well it seems like my true definition of what heaven on earth would be: white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise blue waters and a party that goes all night long. Plus, since it is the main hub for the best Electronic Dance Music in the world I think I would feel right at home. Laidback lifestyle, sunshine and the best music that the world has to offer seems like a good enough reason to hop on a plane and make my way to the dream island of Spain. You better believe the day I get there I will have a post and pictures for everyone to see.

white ibiza

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Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Today I feel extremely tired and lazy; it could be due to the fact that the weather is not very nice outside or that I need to be on vacation ASAP. Vancouver is a lovely place to live but the biggest downside is that it rains a lot. For me this is not only depressing it almost makes it unbearable to live here. I have been thinking all day about being on a warm beach in the sunshine drinking a delicious fruit smoothie. So today for Friday Faves, I thought it would be suitable to talk about the beach. One of my most favorite things on this planet is by far the beach. Warm sand beneath your feet, the ocean so refreshing, if I could I would live on a beach. To me being on a beach lying in the sun is true bliss. I shouldn’t complain too much because in exactly 10 days I will be jetting off to Maui. My goal is to master paddle boarding and surfing, this could be quite a struggle considering surfing is one of the hardest sports I have ever tried. In conclusion, whatever your bliss may be, don’t be afraid to take a break from your busy life to live it. Live where your heart is warm and be with the people that light up your life.

Life’s a Wave….. Catch it!

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Happy Reality

Happy Reality

Create a reality that you don’t want to run from. We all spend each and every day living in our own heads thinking about our “dream life.” If I could snap my fingers right now and change something, I would be somewhere hot. I would be doing something that made me smile and laugh. I would be so content at where I was that I would not have to dream up where I wanted to be. It would be nice if I could change all these things I didn’t like in my life this instant that would be great. However, that is not the case. Good things take time and hard work; you must strive each and every day for your dreams or your concept of a good reality. I then realized if you found a way to make your everyday life seem like a vacation, you would be set. We are always waiting for our next trip, waiting for our next surprise, the next holiday. How about learning to love what you’re doing right now!

You know that feeling when you wake up the day you are about to catch a plane somewhere. Whether you have been there or not, it is that exciting feeling of going on vacation and having a new experience. How about when you wake up on Christmas morning, whether you are a parent or a kid you still get that feeling of joy inside. So why not wake up tomorrow and get excited about what your day is about to bring. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut of doing the same routine every day, it’s time to change that! Do something that gives you that excited vacation feeling. Live a reality that you are not trying to escape from.

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