Let’s be frank…

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If you haven’t heard, its all about Frank these days… Everyone’s talking about it, and the gossip is absolutely true. Frank coffee scrub is my guilty little secret to keeping my skin smooth and silky. Frank is made in Melbourne, Australia and the most exciting part about that for me is that since I’m living here delivery takes only a day which means I will be in the shower with the scrub on my body in no time. Frank ships to all over the world and believe me when I say, you are going to want to get some. Frank packs a whole lot of nutrients into their scrubs such as sweet almond, orange, coconut, grapeseed and cacao. Frank targets problem areas and issues such as cellulite, stretch marks and acne. Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean, it is now time for YOU to try Frank coffee scrub!

Namaste – Carly Jensen xo

Eat of The Week!

Eat of The Week!

Coming in as number one for eat of the week is the succulent `Red Burrito.` I set a new record on finishing this burrito in less than 5 minutes which is quite shocking if you knew how big it really is. It was my first time eating at the famous burrito joint positioned on Commercial Drive and East 1st. It was quite the experience on my lunch hour from the moment the clock turned 12pm my coworkers and I hustled to my car preparing ourselves for this burrito that awaited us. Vancouver is known for having a wide array of dining options so I am quite lucky when it comes to doing my favorite thing which is eating. Once we made it to the `Red Burrito` we looked up at the very simple menu which consisted of chicken, veggie, pork or beef. You picked your option and then created your burrito like it was a Subway sandwich. Now since I attempt on cutting down my meat intake I got veggie but obviously loaded up with salsa and a little extra of everything. My two coworkers got chicken and their burritos barely closed they were so fat. Once we hurried back to the office I ran through the doors almost hitting people as I raced to my desk. This was clearly an eating emergency! Food this good had to be devoured in less than 10 minutes. Much to my surprise I finished it in 5. Whether you live in Vancouver or are passing through, this hidden gem of a burrito place is a must have.


Friday Faves – Beautiful BC

Hello to all! My apologies for going on a blogging hiatus, life happened and I started slacking but I am back and excited to write and share my thoughts once again. I am taking a creative writing course at the moment so hopefully I will get better each and every day. Now since it is Friday I thought it was only suitable to do a β€œFriday Faves” post.

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I am the queen of complaining about the weather in Vancouver. I might be the queen of complaining in general but today I will express to you about how in love I am with hiking in BC. Say what you want about Vancouver whether it be too much rain or a weak night life but one thing is for sure and that is that when it’s sunny there is nothing better than going for a hike.

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Some of my favorite hikes are Quarry Rock in Deep Cove North Vancouver, The Chief in Squamish and of course the infamous Grouse Grind. Hiking incorporates so many different aspects leaving you fulfilled mentally and physically. It can be a mental battle at times, you are dealing with your mind telling you it’s time to quit and turn back. As well as the physical battle of your body telling you that you are tired. Then at times you feel complete serenity with your surroundings. I love nothing more than being out in nature looking around at the trees and realizing how beautiful our earth truly is. You are probably thinking I am some sort of a hippie but the answer is no, I just enjoy being outdoors.

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Then the best feeling of all happens when you reach the top of the mountain, you have achieved your goal of the day, which most likely was finishing the hike. Hopefully along the way you learned how to get through mental battles with yourself and learn that if you just keep going you will reach the top. So what are you waiting for, get outside and go for a hike!